Validating cluster resource sql server

Audience: XMPie customers who have SQL server Standard Edition and wish to create a failover SQL cluster configuration.

It is the full responsibility of the IT department to configure the SQL failover configuration.

A collection of cluster resources managed as a single cluster object.

Typically, a resource group contains all of the cluster resources that are required to run a specific application or service.

A multi-site cluster gives you the highest recovery point objective (RTO) and recovery time objective (RTO) available for your critical applications.

Quick Links , on which SQL Server is installed but not running.

This ensures that a failure of any one communication path will not result in a false failover and ensures that your cluster remains highly available.

A multi-site cluster has this requirement as well, so you will want to plan your network with that in mind.

The other node in a cluster automatically takes over the failed SQL Server instance to reduce downtime to a minimum.

Additionally, the use of a Windows Failover Cluster can help reduce downtime when you perform maintenance on cluster nodes.

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I mentioned “cross-subnet failover” as a great new feature of Windows Server 2008 Failover Clustering, and it is a great new feature.

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