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Once you’re in the door, your membership will see you invited to dinner nights, where you will eat and drink with around ten or more like-minded potentials.The chance of a love match is increased dramatically and the randomness of blind dating reduced. Well, gone is the pot luck approach of speed dating and the uncertainty of Internet dating.

Janie Vincente of Princeton, New Jersey, reports, "We take a group photo at every meal to commemorate our accomplishments.Sam Taylor, a 25 year-old, gay fashion PR from London went to a gay dinner, specifically for his age group and social arena.He was set up with ten gay 20 to 30’s who all worked in fashion, galleries and magazines.Tamsin Lonsdale, founded The Supper Club in 2005 and says she set up the club when she was on the hunt for a partner, realising a bar would never deliver: ‘I was single and wanted to meet a boyfriend.’ ‘I realised I was not going to find one in a smokey and noisy bar, but rather round the dinner table, with good conversation, delicious food and wine.Hence the seed to the club was planted.’ Members of the club are interviewed and hand-picked to ensure they match the criteria and the mind-set of those who they will be eating with.

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Menu selection is a democratic process for Nicole Van Doren and her group in Annapolis, Maryland.

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