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Use a USB Flash Drive to Keep Essential Files Always Available Account setup in email programs: If your web or email host allows you to choose between POP and IMAP protocols for accessing your email, IMAP is the easiest for multi-computer access: it keeps a copy of all emails on the server until you delete them, so you can access the same emails from different devices.

Besides having mobile Internet access, if you work on more than one device, you need some sort of syncing solution or strategy to make sure you always have the most recent files available.The aforementioned Mobile Me service syncs i Phones with Macs and PCs.And there are also third-party apps for Exchange connectivity and other syncing needs for all the mobile platforms.Besides offering more robust options for file syncing (keeping multiple versions of replaced files, setting a schedule for syncing, compressing or encrypting files, etc.) these programs also typically allow you to sync with external drives, FTP sites, and servers.Take a closer look these and other syncing apps in this roundup of the 7 Best File Syncing Apps Another option to keep your latest files with you at all times is to use an external device such as a portable hard drive or a USB flash drive (some people even use their i Pods).

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Syncing with desktop programs: Both Google and Yahoo! one-ups Google with its syncing of contacts and notepad information in addition to calendar syncing.

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