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As with ordinary communications, there are fears that predators, scam merchants, people pretending to be somebody they are not etc, will try to take advantage or children on Skype.Cyberbullying can also be played out on the service.While there is an age restriction of 13 on the site, the site has no way of verifying people’s ages.Anyone can go on the site and click through to the chat interface.However, there are some risks with the service when it comes to young people.Skype does allow people who are not on your contacts lists to call you which means that anyone, once they have the contact details, can get in touch with a young person using the site.Nope, you should really be far more worried about video chat accessibility to your Aunt Mildred, who had never figured out how to sign up for Skype but might just be capable of a one-click video call. If you didn't used to stay invisible on FB Chat, now might be the time to start.

Because of this, parents regularly face new challenges when trying to keep their children safe online.

Skype is a free piece of software which people download to their mobile phone, computer or tv to make calls, video calls and texts over the internet.

It allows users to make free calls to each other wherever they are in the world.

Recently, Skype, which is owned by Microsoft, added a group call feature which allows several people to be included in a call.

For a fee, users can also call mobile and landline telephones.

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