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Even if there’s no cohabitation, expenses accrued during a relationship can play a part.

Dates, dinners, nights out, vacations, gifts, and more, all of these costs add up.

Beyond that, the idea is for each to maintain a lifestyle equivalent to the one enjoyed during the marriage.

For all intents and purposes, your marriage may have been over for a long time and the divorce process often feels like a waiting period.

They may not be entirely comfortable your choice of romantic partners, or your ex’s for that matter.

While the courts don’t usually allow the children’s feelings to sway these decisions, they may listen to what older children have to say.

Feelings are raw and egos bruised, and in some cases, dating during divorce accentuates these ill feelings.

Seeing your ex with a new partner, or vice versa, may intensify conflict; it may feel very personal.

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