Pisces man dating capricorn woman

The Pisces guy would care and nurture her sexuality in a very special way.This is one combination that is most unlikely to end.This combination makes an excellent marriage, particularly a very compatible one.

The Pisces man would simply arouse the Capricorn girl's hidden emotions. The Capricorn female on the other hand would be loyal to her mate.

This comprises a soulful connection on the inner sides.

A Capricorn woman and a Pisces man enjoy greater compatibility in the act of sex.

However, this is the basic framework of the Capricorn mind. At an immature level, the Pisces is very sensitive as to what people do to him, but he’s not so sensitive when it comes down to things he does to other people. The problem with this heavy level of emotional sensitivity is that every small thing can be an insult.

Of course, as the Capricorn becomes more developed and matures, this changes, but the underlying baseline doesn’t change. This is completely different from the Pisces mindset. This person’s emotional toes can get stepped on very easily.

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