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In boxing, intimidating opponents to the point of fear is tough if you are a young, relatively short fighter who is new to the scene. He came to fight, he fought hard and he fought often. Muhammed Ali, on the other hand, made a show of everything, from interviews to his poetry putting down opponents, to the fight itself.

When he entered the ring in plain black shorts and plain black shoes, Tyson did not have a retinue of people around him, just his cornermen. He fought differently than everyone else, using his upper body and head movement to avoid punches instead of blocking them.

Alex Ferguson's Manchester United not only dominated English football for over a decade; they mentally dominated opponents and officials. Not winning was an affront that the team, the fans and especially the manager could not tolerate.

When Manchester was behind, they increased upped the ante with an onslaught of attacks.

Franklin said the men were approaching her in the parking lot.

" In a second video, the two men and Franklin yell at each other across the parking lot.

Music can help you cope with your feelings after a bad break up; it can also assist you in wallowing in self-pity after a bad break up. We want to be somewhere else: waking up in a new Bugatti (instead of on a used futon), listening to Boo & Gotti because you set your alarm ringer to "Fiesta (Remix)," popping bottles instead of not-yet-ready whiteheads, hanging out with beautiful models instead of masturbating at 3 am to some girl you kind-of-know's public Facebook photos. Hey rap's got that, too.) Real life is often tragic and sad, but rap can teleport you elsewhere for 16 bars. Then toss on a song with violent overtones and pretend to be a gangbanger.This beloved musical is the perfect way to celebrate the lead-up to Christmas.With a cast of talented actors from Hong Kong and Macau, join the Von Trapp family for an unforgettable performance. Music has always been, and will always be a means of escapism. Don't worry, nobody will notice that that made up gang sign you're throwing during a Waka Flocka song is actually just the shocker. Trying to get psyched for a work out or a job interview?Get those endorphins pumping with something "turnt up" as the youths say. Here are 25 Rap Songs That Make You Want to Punch Someone In The Face.

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