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Some guy tried to argue with me, but I called him a fascist and that shut HIM up. Then I saw this thing on Facebook where Linda Sarsour is calling for people to donate to this really cool Hurricane Relief Fund that will help out the people in Houston.

After breakfast I hooked up with K-dogg and Sunshine and Fashie-Bashie and we all went down to the park and raised awareness by chanting "Hey-HEY! It's called the Texas Organizing Project, and they're going to hold rallies and protests about how unfair Trump is DOWN IN TEXAS! This is really important, because a lot of the people down there are not aware that most of the money the Republicans will put into Houston is going to go to rich white people and corporate fat cats.

We could divert funds from the fuel reserves being set aside for the Cajun Navy to pay for the workshops.

I've even gone one step further: I put a Texas flag filter over my Facebook page!

After I got home I went out into the back yard and I cried for a while about how mean all the rich white people are for hurting the Earth so bad that it has to strike back like a wounded animal. - How do we know their vehicles do not contribute to Global Warming? I just heard Rush Limbaugh finally asking the right questions about Hurricane Harvey on his show:- Are all the rescuers properly licensed (including the pet rescuers)?White guilt, acknowledgement of environmental abuses, attacking corporate profit seekers and holding up cardboard signs and chanting 45 year old protest slogans is most inspiring. I am saddened to say that not all are being as productive during this time.I have posted a photo of a looter who, like the wolves of Wall Street, is using this time to take advantage of the less fortunate and was captured on film fleeing the tragedy with his loot.We have local free phone chat line numbers for the following cities but we are not just limited to these cities.We have local chat line number for the entire United States where singles are just waiting to hook up with you right now.

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