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It would be like you getting the chance to go back in time and star in !Not to mention, you got to hear Demi Lovato's amazing vocals bless your ears every now and again as Sonny.From its realistic sets (which have all but disappeared on the network's shows) to its totally basic main character Becca literally you in middle school, this simple but relatable brand of kids' television is hard to come by these days.*tear* That's why every true DC fan absolutely must rewatch this gem of a show, but others might find it a little too... was so amazing because you could totally put yourself in Sonny's shoes and relate to her wide-eyed excitement over getting to star on her favorite TV show.real as it deals with struggles that every teen girl goes through on a daily basis, from crushes and bullying to learning about autism.The show definitely does its namesake justice and also gives fans of the original series a peak into what the original characters are up to 15 years later for the best of both worlds.Can you even imagine not going crazy in such conditions?

But unlike some of the other Disney Channel shows, it never felt all that relatable tbh.It still has time to work its way their comfy penthouse in New York City to Camp Kikiwaka, the summer camp in Maine where their parents met when they were younger.The show is funny and cute enough, since it's basically watching three hilarious siblings used to living in the lap of luxury try and adjust to life in the great outdoors.Just imagine how painfully hard it would be to go back and try to fit in during the '90s, before cell phones and laptops and Instagram!Now you know how Disney Channel's original time traveler, Phil Diffy felt trying to act like he belonged in 2004, when he was actually from the super-advanced year of 2121.

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But by then, it was too late and the show was canceledafter two seasons.

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