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If you search for those you will find them on the sidebar.

There is also a direct link to them further down this page.

They will start to buy these types of vintage Elgin watches.

However during recessions or as supply gets too big then the value will drop slightly.

Elgin did of course go to make wrist watches that could be worn on the hand and many of those still exist today.

I have never had a great interest in those though as it is the fascination of the pocket watch that has always captured my imagination.

For me the Elgin pocket watch and pendant watch offer a great contrast in style.

Do you often wonder what the actual value of antique pocket watches is?

Here's an up to date reference of pocket watch prices taken from sales on e Bay that will help you to research real time prices.

Yet again the good news is that it will come up again. That means there is usually a steady enough demand and they are looking for the unique piece rather than a huge profit.

The majority of people searching online for information about Elgin have either found one or perhaps have been left one in a will.

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