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In short, dating and relationships have continued to change with the times-- but has texting changed dating?One possible consequence of the ubiquity of text messaging is that it has allowed dating to become more casual.RELATED: 9 Ways To Grab The Attention Of ANY Man You Want (And Keep It FOREVER)On the flip side, some women text every detail of their day, which men feel is over-communicating and invasive and turns them off.reactiongifs Mostly, singles enjoy the convenience and casualness of texting but there is a major social downside to this trend.People are not building face-to-face conversation and flirting skills, making those first meetings after texting potentially more difficult than ever.And when this becomes a norm, in all sorts of relationships, it becomes an expectation.Deviations from what we expect can make us wonder if something is wrong, and feel anxious and insecure about our romantic lives.Hiding behind technology can backfire in the long run.According to an article in USA Today, a new survey by Christian Mingle and J Date shows texting is rapidly changing the way we meet and communicate with potential new dates.

By making communication more mobile and accessible, text messaging has made keeping in contact more casual by sparing us setting aside time to talk by phone or the pain of checking and waiting for emails. The more casual approach towards communication that texting has afforded us has in part allowed us to approach keeping in touch with dates in a much more casual way.

So much information can be picked up from someone's voice.

The inflections and nuances often give away emotional cues that are completely missing when you text.

It can be hard to avoid, and, while hardly a new phenomenon, text messaging makes it all the easier.

Though in many respects text messaging makes communication in dating more casual, it may well also feed an attitude quite the opposite of casual.

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