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As what would have been our parents’ 68th wedding anniversary approaches, I reflect not only on their being my parents, but even more so on their courtship. It’s true that theirs was an odd courtship, but historically speaking, courtship has not been without its peculiarities.It’s a quirky little story that, in an extremely condensed version, goes something like this: In 1942, Evert’s pal Jack goes to war, leaving behind pregnant wife Mary. Ruth is glad he’s there for Mary, and she imagines the little boy will soon have a father. One of the most peculiar was the custom in Colonial America of “bundling.” A practice that endured the longest in New England (oh, those Puritans), it involved an arrangement in which the male suitor would be asked to spend the night with the young lady’s family, specifically to share her bed.Courtship customs in North Carolina have generally followed the same trends evident in the rest of the United States, with slight differences owing to the historically agrarian and rural nature of the state.Activities deemed appropriate and conducive to courting were influenced by the leisure activities of the general population, such as barn raisings, county fairs, and hayrides.If you prefer not to leave an email address, check back at your NCpedia comment for a reply.

While couples may become acquainted by participating in many of the same leisure activities as previous generations, they also may live together openly without marriage ties and for the most part without negative social stigma.

Going to the movies was "buying dark and privacy in a crowd." Keeping company in the parlor was replaced with Coke dates, movies, and "parking." Going to the movies on Saturday night became a standard date, and drive-in movies and lovers' lanes provided places for couples to nurture their relationships.

During war times, couples courted their loved ones with letters and messages sent through friends and acquaintances.

With North Carolina's economy booming after World War II, roller skating gained in popularity, and swimming pools also became a popular hangout.

Dances, or sock hops, were the rage of the 1950s, much like discos would become in the 1970s.

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