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You may or may not know that he also penned this William Hill Book of The Year winning memoir of his footballing father Stewart, a left-winger from Lossiemouth in Scotland who played 423 league and cup games in the English league including a 1959 FA Cup win for Nottingham Forest and a place in the 1958 World Cup Squad.It's partly a social history of a time that has now become a cliché, when players earned £8.It's a brilliantly simple set-up - American writer Joe Mc Ginnis spends the entire season of 1996/7 embedded in the tiny village of Castel Di Sangro as its impoverished and ramshackle football team embark on their first season in Serie B.The colourful cast gives it the feel of a novel and their attempt to stave off relegation provides the tension, but it's also a subtle insight into the Italian league when it was still the strongest in the world.This list wouldn't be complete without a nod to the modern day galactico and none come bigger, in height and ego at least, than the Swedish superstar.

columnist Simon Kuper wrote this accomplished and quirky footballing travelogue when he was still only in his early Twenties.

-style analysis of football, it traces the ever-increasing industry around collecting and analyzing stats in the world's richest sport with surprising insight on every page, from the surprising trends in global goalscoring patterns to why Sir Alex Ferguson made the biggest mistake of his career by selling Jaap Stam to Lazio. Fiction and football haven't been the happiest of bedfellows, but David Peace's 'factional' account of Brian Clough's disastrously short 44 day spell as Leeds United manager, might be the perfect compromise – rigorous research combined with Peace's brilliant characterisation of Clough as the narrator.

He's writing on home turf – Yorkshire in the Seventies – and it's accordingly grim and unsparing but there's no doubting its power as a refreshingly original way to document football.

Like Gazza, and the author, you'll be shedding a few tears before the end.

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